Specializing in:
· Functional Space Planning
· Color Consultation
· Lighting Design
· Creative Window Treatments and Bedding
· Kitchen and Bath Design
· Interior Architectural Detailing: Custom Trim Work, Doors, Fireplaces
· Carpet, Rug, and Flooring Selection
· Fabric and Furniture Selection
· Custom Upholstery
· Accessory and Art Selection/Placement
· Contractor and Artisans Referral Assistance
· Pre-construction Material Selection For New Construction Homes


1. Initial Consultation – Listen, Inspire, Determine Fit

2. Contractual Agreement – Define Scope of Work, Establish Compensation. Terms, Set Budget, Determine Timing

3. Site Exploration/Assessment – Lifestyle Evaluation, Field Measurements, Inventory

4. Preliminary Presentation – Initial Plans, Color Palettes, Material Samples, Fixtures/Furnishings

5. Revisions/Refinements

6. Final Presentation – Furnishing Estimates, Labor Bids, Client Deposits

7. Implementation – Place Orders, Schedule Work, Oversee Contractors

8. Installation

9. Punch List Resolution – Resolve Final Details

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