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Feizy Rugs

Feizy Rugs offers your home a selection of show-stopping, award-winning products that span the globe. For over 47 years, this amazing rug manufacturer has been offering consumers access to some of the most intricate, beautiful area rugs available on the market today. Their designs range from Old World to New World and everywhere in between to bring your home an infusion of color, pattern, and softness. Design Essentials offers a range of stunning Feizy Rugs in Geneva, IL for your home. Whether it’s handmade, machine-made, or one-of-a-kind, each rug from this brand is meticulously designed and handpicked to give your home a discerning, eclectic, and dynamic touch.

If you’re looking for something new, Feizy Rugs offers a constantly evolving collection of rugs that showcase the absolute best in style, innovation, craftsmanship, and technology. In addition to their consistently updated inventory, Feizy Rugs never compromises integrity or quality. Their goal is to offer you the absolute best rugs possible while keeping their finger on the pulse of the latest trends. The company has had a passion for rug making that goes back to 1973. You’ll still see that same passion in every knot, tuft, and finish of their luxurious rugs for the home. Our inventory of Feizy Rugs in Geneva, IL features different collections for every budget and every style. The luxury Fine Collections feature high-end materials, while the Lifestyles Collections provide a more accessible selection.

An area rug can help define a space and bring an infusion of color to a room. Whether it’s made of wool, silk, or synthetics, quality rugs will become an heirloom piece in your home that stands the test of time. Look for the newest selection of hand-knotted Feizy Rugs in Geneva, IL that take inspiration from distressed patterns and exotic, faded time-worn textures to bring a sophisticated component to your home. These rugs use stunning color combinations and feature luxurious materials like hand-spun wool with a viscose pile to give the rug a hint of sheen and a serene vibe. The brand’s line of modern area rugs boasts an array of swirling colors, abstract designs, and a myriad of contemporary motifs for the distinctive homeowner.

The unique designs are what sets Feizy Rugs apart from other rug manufacturers. Their Fariza Collection boasts 100% wool construction with hand-tufted detailing that offers a smooth, comfortable step alongside incredible durability for high-traffic rooms. The innovative space-dying technique provides your home with a greater depth of color and a unique look. The brand’s modern take on traditional Kilim designs brings the old and new together along with bold and contemporary color palettes that stand out in every room. Look for fun details like tassel trim on vibrant area rugs that add a charming and cheerful component to conversation areas and bedrooms. Feizy’s wide selection of rugs come in almost every colorway and style imaginable to bring your home a vibrant touch. Contact Design Essentials to find out more about our latest selection of Feizy Rugs in Geneva, IL today.

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