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Interior Design Services in St. Charles, Illinois 

Fine Furniture and Interior Design

Create the perfect space with help from Design Essentials. Whether it’s your home or a professional office, we provide a range of Interior Design Services near St. Charles, Illinois to help you create the ultimate environment. Our experienced team specializes in a range of services including lighting design, kitchen and bath, custom upholstery, and color consultation.


We want to make sure that we help you create the perfect space by listening to your needs, inspiring you, and determining which designs will fit your home or business in the best way possible. Our Interior Design Services near St. Charles, Illinois includes performing a full lifestyle evaluation and giving you several color palettes, material samples, and fixtures and furnishings that will inspire you. We’ll even help you select the perfect artwork and accessories and give you suggestions for the placement to finish the look. 

Design Essentials Fine Furniture and Interior Design Store Front

We Offer SO much more than Interior Design Services

in St. Charles

Design Essentials also offers pre-construction material selection for new construction homes. We want you to absolutely love your new home, and our Interior Design Services near St. Charles, Illinois also includes referral assistance to help you find the right contractors and artisans to achieve the results you need. Whether it’s traditional or modern, we’re committed to ensuring that you absolutely love your new environment. We understand that each client has their own unique personality and preferences, which is why we’re here to listen to your vision and address your concerns. Through collaboration and open communication, your new home or workspace will bring comfort and design together in synergy. Contact us today to find out how we can help you turn your design dreams into a reality. 


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