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On-Trend Dining Room Design Ideas for 2021

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

The dining room has always been a place to gather together and enjoy some delicious meals while making precious memories. However, today’s modern household uses this room for much more than just eating a meal. Whether you have an open floor plan or a separate dining space, read on to discover our favorite on-trend dining room design tips that will help you get the most out of this part of your home.

Comfortable and Inviting

Dining rooms were typically where families would gather for nightly meals or host guests during the holidays. Now, it’s important to make comfort part of the functionality of this space. One of our favorite dining room design tips is to update your chairs to something more comfortable, like an upholstered armchair with cushioning. Formal chairs tend to be stiff and cold, while today’s trends emphasize softness, support, and general comfort as people are spending more of their time in the dining room.

Pops of Personality

While the concept of a formal dining room might appeal to some, the current trend is to make this room much more personable and unique. Don’t be afraid to add color and some fun elements to your dining room.

Whether you hang a piece of custom artwork on the wall or dress up your table with a funky tablecloth, the latest dining room design trend focuses on fun and charm rather than stiff presentations. You can place a live houseplant on top of a server or buffet or hang a few framed family photos on the wall to give your dining space a more welcoming aesthetic.

Eclectic Fun

A matching dining set creates an excellent presentation, but the trendier dining room design tips are leaning toward a more eclectic approach. Instead of buying a table and chairs to match, mix things up by adding various chair styles to this space. Try a bench on one side of the dining table and an assortment of upholstered dining room chairs on the other, Like the Century Banna side chair (we can help you get this chair). Finish the look by adding two end chairs featured in a contrasting color or style. Make it even funkier with a colorful area rug under the dining table. We think this style is a great way to stand out if you are looking for interior design in St Charles or a new interior designer in Wayne, IL

Update Old Lighting

Outdated lighting can make any room feel less on-trend. The same applies to your dining room, so consider upgrading your current lighting to something sleek and modern. Pendant light with several clear glass globes will instantly brighten up space and give it a modern feel. You can also hang a luxurious chandelier over the dining room table for a luxe touch. Anything other than a recessed can light, or a boring old fixture will instantly give your dining space a fresh, clean, and bright finishing touch.

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