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Zodax Home Decor

Founded in 1990, Zodax has been creating amazing products for the home for decades. This widely recognized leader in the home good industry works tirelessly on developing, designing, and distributing incredible decorative accessories and more. Their range of products offers something for every type of consumer including gifts, furniture, and much more. The brand also provides accents to stores, restaurants, spas, retail stores, gift shops, and much more for a wide consumer reach. With showrooms in Dallas, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, Zodax has a commanding presence in the home accessory space. They also have a presence internationally in nations like Japan, Canada, and throughout Europe and Latin America. Recently, Zodax built a fully automated candle production facility located in Southern California with state of the art technology, giving them a new position in the home fragrance niche.
Decorative accessories from Zodax include gorgeous vases, bowls, boxes, and figural objects. Each item they sell is carefully designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. Look for new products including clear glass candleholders, smooth sculptural flower vases, and artistically designed and crafted vessels for a stunning centerpiece. The brand’s line of home fragrance products includes candles featured in a wide array of pleasing scents and ceramic fragrance diffusers to add a subtle, relaxing scent to any room of the home. Zodax also offers amazing accent furniture to consumers, like their beautiful garden stools and global-inspired tables. With bold finishes, unusual shapes, and incredible materials, it’s easy to see why products from Zodax are some of the most coveted items for your home.

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