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I'm excited to share Bungalow 5 with you! They are a company whose style is elegant but also organic. with the unexpected use of materials and finishes such as real linen, grass cloth, and papyrus. The unique combination of the use of animal hides, metals, and refined veneers, allows designers to layer patterns, color, and texture to create a unique and interesting combination of transitional style with a classic, timeless flare to a room. Their highly skilled artisans create a leading-edge style with a quality that is unsurpassed! Enjoy the highlights that we have provided here. For more information and additional furnishings and accessories in their line, give us a call!

From the initial design sketch to the final product, Bungalow 5 prides itself on making sure that every item sold is perfect before it gets into the hands of the consumer. Some of the brand’s incredible collections took years to develop and complete. The brand is consistently striving to create beautiful, glamorous furniture and home décor that is built to last. In addition to their wide selection of beautiful products, Bungalow 5 actively supports causes that have a lasting, positive impact on the world. The company partners with Dwell with Dignity, a non-profit based in Dallas that creates homes for families who need a safe environment. With help from Bungalow 5, the organization is able to provide families an assortment of beautiful products with thoughtful designs to improve their quality of life.

Bungalow 5 also works toward maintaining a sustainable business practice. The company focuses on sustainable sourcing and manufacturing to deliver environmentally friendly products to you. The mahogany wood they use is certified sustainably grown and harvested. Every hand-carved piece of furniture also has a positive impact on local communities and artisans who create and make the furniture. The Cape-Lilac Mahogany used to make Bungalow 5 furniture is a medium density, high-quality hardwood that is fully farm-grown in a safe, sustainable way. The wood won’t crack or warp, and you can see the natural wood grain that adds uniqueness and elegance to your home.

At Design Essentials, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of stunning products from Bungalow 5. Whether you’re looking for a cabinet, dresser, chair, or a piece of lighting, we can help you choose the perfect items to enhance your home. Contact us today for more information about scheduling a consultation with our talented and skilled designers. From space planning to personal color consultation, we can help you find the perfect Bungalow 5 products for every room of your home. Don’t forget to ask us about art and décor by Bungalow 5 to add the perfect finishing touch to your space. With a dynamic range of materials, finishes, and designs, you’re sure to discover the perfect pieces to help you express your unique style.

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