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Old Biscayne Designs

Old Biscayne Designs has manufactured fine iron beds, a variety of wood furniture, and many other designs since 1990. The brand gets inspiration from European antiques, while new accents give each piece a modern and contemporary spin. If you’re looking for Old Biscayne Designs in Geneva, IL, visit Design Essentials today to discover something new for your home. The founders of Old Biscayne Designs melded their cultures together to form a furniture brand that creates handcrafted products that are specially tailored to meet your unique specifications. A marriage of Argentine aristocratic elegance and Southern simplicity and sweet charm makes each product from Old Biscayne Designs in Geneva, IL a special item for every room of your home.


Each piece of furniture from Old Biscayne Designs is signed with the Gabrielli family signature and its year of creation that makes every item a special, one-of-a-kind product. With a dedication to excellence, you’ll absolutely love every single item you choose from this dynamic brand. Look for new products from Old Biscayne Designs in Geneva, IL at Design Essentials. Whether it’s a new cabinet or credenza for your dining room, a gorgeous upholstered bed for your master suite, or a sleek cocktail table for the living room, Old Biscayne Designs has it all. Every item is crafted of the highest quality, and no detail is overlooked to ensure that your new furniture will not only look incredible but that it will also stand the test of time. Contact Design Essentials today to find out more about our current range of products from Old Biscayne Designs.

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