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John-Richards Furniture

Elevate your home and make it sophisticated and distinctive with pieces from John-Richard Furniture. This luxurious furniture brand enlists the help of a creative design team that transforms global inspirations into breathtaking collections for every room of the home. Whether it’s unique furnishings, artisan-curated and handcrafted accessories, bold lighting, sleek mirrors, unique wall art, or botanicals, this brand creates products that are designed to make a statement. You’ll find a beautiful selection of John-Richard Furniture in Geneva, IL at Design Essentials to elevate your home. The John-Richard brand works with award-winning designers and globally recognized artists to create their ever-growing collection of furniture and décor products for the home.

Items from this well-respected brand fuse innovation, groundbreaking design, and exceptional craftsmanship together to create amazing, luxurious furnishings. John-Richard gets inspiration from foreign cultures, history, stories of the past, and their never-ending pursuit to find exotic materials and finishes. Combined with the creative talents of artisans across the globe, each product developed and sold is a true work of art. The selection of John-Richard Furniture in Geneva, IL changes with each season thanks to their always-evolving development of new products and new designs. From the veneers to carving and artistic motifs, these items are sure to add stylish sophistication to any room. Look for features like agate and crystal accents, reverse-painted glass, and sculptural hardware that make every product stand apart.

John-Richard Furniture was founded in 1980 as a smaller business under one of the biggest furniture operations in the Mississippi Delta. Originally, they had a small staff of just five people working in a 10,000 square foot warehouse. Today, John-Richard is an international company with offices and factories spanning across the globe. Locations can be found in India, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia, as well as here in the United States. Their corporate office is located in Greenwood, Mississippi and they also have an amazing showroom for the trades located in High Point, NC. However, if you’re looking for John-Richard Furniture in Geneva, IL, we can help you find the perfect items for your home.

Every room in your home tells a story, and John-Richard Furniture wants to be part of the narrative. Their focus on innovative designs, unique materials, and sleek accents ensure that every product brings bold detailing to any room. The brand wants its products to tell the story, which is why they’re committed to only manufacturing the most exquisite products for your home. Look for furnishings like storage cabinets accented with metallic-finished tree branches or agate handles that seamlessly blend modern components with nature for a show-stopping work of art. Many items bring contemporary components together with organic-inspired shapes and designs to pay homage to nature’s beauty. From elegant lighting to ultra-sleek cabinets, metal sculptures, artwork, and more, you’ll discover the latest selection of John-Richard Furniture in Geneva, IL at Design Essentials. Contact us today to find out how we can help you design the perfect space.

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