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Hickory Chair Furniture

Since 1911, Hickory Chair has been designing and creating high-quality furnishings for the home. The company began in Hickory, North Carolina with a vision to create a custom dining chair for families and sophisticated consumers. The brand’s vision was to combine classic workmanship with the efficiencies of modern manufacturing in order to create beautiful, affordable products. Since then, the brand’s product range has extended into a wider range of designs, styles, and product options. Each design is drawn from significant periods and places in time and utilizes the talents of incredible designers from around the world. The company goal remains the same with a commitment to creating custom-crafted furnishings and exceptional service. With a timeless spirit and authenticity, it’s easy to see why Hickory Chair remains one of the country’s most beloved furniture brands today. Almost 90-percent of the brand’s furnishings are made in their Hickory, North Carolina location.

The high-quality products from Hickory Chair Furniture Co. are made from thoughtfully harvested milled wood from all over the world. The wood is sanded, shaped, and assembled in the company’s workshops where craftsmen use traditional techniques in tandem with the leading technologies of today. All of the multi-layer finishes are created and laid by hand. Veneers are precision-cut using the newest lasers, combining the skills of both humans and machines to create fine wood furniture that lasts. The quality standards of Hickory Chair remain while keeping the focus on the personal desires of each individual consumer and their personal style goals. The brand is also fully committed to responsible business practices as it develops new ways to empower its employees and customers.

Hickory Chair strives to design and manufacture quality products for the home while minimizing its long-term impact on the environment. Their craftsman pride themselves on offering highly personalized upholstered designs, spending hours paying close attention to all the fine details. Each seat is custom engineered to provide years of comfort and constant luxury. Customers can customize virtually every aspect of their furniture from the nailhead trim, pillow and cushion options, swivel bases, bullion fringes, colors and fabrics, and much more. Hickory Chair works with a variety of talented designers to create inspirational products for today’s modern home. Some of their current designers include Mariette Hines Gomez, Ray Boothe, and Suzanne Kasler.

Hickory’s 1911 Collection was launched as a celebration of the brand’s centennial anniversary. These pieces seamlessly blend vintage-inspired silhouettes and motifs with distinctively modern materials and finishes for an incredible array of luxurious furnishings and décor. Design Essentials carries a wide selection of products from Hickory Chair Furniture Co. Whether you need to furnish the bedroom, living room, or dining room, we offer a myriad of beautiful pieces to choose from. Contact our team to schedule a design consultation, and we’ll help you design your own custom products to give your home a unique aesthetic. From gorgeous solid wood case goods and chairs to beautiful beds and accessories, Hickory Chair is one of the leaders in high-end furniture manufacturing and design.

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