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What Colors Make A Living Room Look Bigger?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

If you have a small living room, you probably want to design it in a way that maximizes your available space most practically. One way to do this is through color, which has a profound effect on the way a room looks and feels. So, what colors make a living room look bigger? How can you incorporate these colors into your own space? Read on to learn about which colors can help your living space feel airy and roomier.

White is Fine, But Proceed with Caution

As you wonder, "what colors make a living room look bigger?" you probably already have white in mind. While this stark color can undoubtedly make any space seem larger, it's crucial to choose the right type of paint if you're adding white to your living room walls. Choose white color with an eggshell or satin finish to make the room look bigger. This type of paint does an excellent job at gently reflecting the light, which tricks the eye and makes the room feel larger than it is. Stay away from high-sheen paints that can end up being too reflective.

Earthy Hues

Warm, rich tones like ochre can be an attractive choice for a smaller living space. While you may think that these colors are a bit too cozy, they can help the room look more significant if you use them wisely. Try a sofa upholstered in a soft earthy color to "ground" the room. Decorate the rest of the space with other colors you like, choosing your furniture color as the foundation. A gorgeous earthy green is another excellent choice when looking for base colors you can workaround.

Soft Pale Blue

You may not be a fan of basic white, gray, or earth tones. So, what colors make a living room look bigger that can still create a fresh aesthetic? Try a beautiful pale or pastel blue in your living space to give the room a calming vibe. This color works well as a wall color, a hue for your favorite area rug, or upholstered furniture. To help this color shine, use it in living rooms that get a lot of natural light. The blue's softness can help make the living room look and feel light, open, and airy.

Use Color Skillfully

While the colors you choose are important, so is the way that you use them. Try a gorgeous light gray paint color, then finish the baseboards and upper molding in a bright eggshell white. This will make the room feel "taller" and larger overall. You can also install light-colored flooring in gray and white shades, such as a wood-look laminate or tile. The key is to keep most of your colors light while adding bolder touches through décor, artwork, and throw pillows for a fabulous living space that will look bigger than it is.

Adding color to your space can really make space feel bigger. It’s not just about changing the look of your space, it’s also about how you make your spaces feel bigger. When in doubt seek out a professional interior designer. Our St. Charles design team is always here to help.

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